ABB DG/S2.64.5.1

Κωδικός: ABB DG/S2.64.5.1

ABB DG/S2.64.5.1
DG/S2.64.5.1 DALI Gateway, Premium, 2-fold, MDRC


For controlling DALI devices via the ABB i-bus® KNX. Two DALI outputs for up to 2x 64 DALI participants. DALI power supply is integrated. Control and status feedback is carried out via KNX per DALI participants (2x 64), with lighting groups (2x 16), together in broadcast or per scenes (2x 16). DALI devices type DT1 (Self-contained emergency converter acc. EN 62386-202) and type DT8 (colour temperature Tc / tunable white acc. EN 62386-209) will be supported. Extensive fault and error messages are available. By means of KNX and DT1 converter different emergency tests (e.g. function and duration test) can be triggered, test results are transferred back to KNX. With DT8 devices Dim2Warm, HCL, set and dim colour temperature are possible. Slave-, staircase-, force-, block- and scene- function are integrated. Feedback is sent. DALI telegram rate can change. Another function is the standby switch-off in combination with a KNX switch actuator (e.g. SA/S).
From the ETS application version 2.0 the color functions RGB(W) and HSV(W) can be used. This allows the color of a lamp to be controlled, dimmed and set. In addition to scenes, 4 sequences per DALI output can be parameterized. It is also possible to integrate the DALI Gateways into a load control system. The DALI Gateways determine the operating hours. All these features can be used for individual EVGs and DALI groups.
For diagnostic use and individual change of the DALI address or group assignment a separate software tool (ABB i-bus® Tool) is available.

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