Κωδικός: ALLEN & HEATH ME-500

Τιμή ενοικίασης 50 ευρώ την ημέρα.

ME-500 is a powerful walk-up-and-mix solution that’s quick to set up and easy for just about anyone to learn in moments. The ME-500 personal mixer’s intuitive hands-on controls and crisp visual display make it easy for musicians to quickly build and control their own monitor mixes. With plug ‘n’ play setup and self-sufficient musicians, ME-500 is also a massive time-saver for the audio engineer.

Τιμή: 469,00€  469,00€


16 Mono / 16 stereo inputs with level and pan control
Master 2 band EQ and Limiter
Automatic key assignment
8 User presets
3.5mm and 1/4” headphone outputs
Solo and Mute keys
Mains or PoE powered
Daisy chain or use standard PoE Ethernet hubs
Mic stand bracket + headphone hanger sold separately

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