Laserworld CS 1000RGB

Κωδικός: Laserworld CS 1000RGB

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Τιμή: 460,00€  460,00€


Completely redesigned compact housing
Sturdy bracket for various mounting and positioning options, including hanging and standing on the bracket
Ideal for mobile DJs and temporary laser shows, fixed installations on truss, ceilings or walls
Total power of up to 1000 mW / minimum power of 800 mW
Red laser source with a wavelength of 650 nm, minimum power of >200 mW
Green laser source with a wavelength of 532 nm, minimum power of >70 mW
Royal-blue laser source with a wavelength of 445 nm, minimum power of >530 mW
Brilliant colours and powerful laser beams
Beam diameter of approx. 3 mm
Beam divergence of 2.0 mrad
Galvo scanner system enables a scanning speed of up to 30 kpps
Microphone sensitivity and projection size can be set using two rotary controls on the back of the device.
DMX, automatic and music mode
200 Integrated patterns, such as waves, tunnels, circles and much more in different colours and speeds
Master/Slave mode: Show lasers of the same series (slave projectors), which are connected to a main projector (master projector) via DMX, output the same pattern as the master projector in this mode.
Can be controlled from a computer via integrated professional ILDA interface
In conjunction with laser software, your own or existing laser shows, logos, texts, as well as your own graphics and animations can be output.
Security features: Key switch, interlock interface and on / off switch
Ideal for semi-professional applications and for bars, medium-sized clubs and discos, as well as for rental companies, mobile DJs, private use and for party locations of all kinds
Dimensions: 220 x 155 x 145 mm
Weight: 3.15 kg

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