Master Audio DSP306

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Master Audio DSP306
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– 3 inputs and 6 outputs, balanced (XLR)
– 40-bit floating point DSP
– High quality 24-bit A / D converter
– 96kHz sample rate
– 1 Hz frequency resolution
– 8 parametric EQ for each input / output
– 2 crossovers (multiple type) output
– Independent limiters for each channel
– Illuminated LCD display
– 5-segment LED input / output monitoring level
– Memory storage for up to 30 user-defined programs
– Security locking with password
– interface for PC connection
– XP and Vista compatibility

Upon completion of the configuration and settings of your audio signals, store the programming as Preset. There are 30 presets. Once you have programmed the processor, you can disconnect the computer and lock it to prevent unauthorized access.

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